Pear Essence: Emerging Peacefully from Crisis

What, another post about Pear Essence? Yes, that’s right. This flower essence could be considered the most important of our 20. Though it may be argued that whichever essence you need at the time is the most important! While I’ve talked about many components of Pear Essence in other blogs, this is the first time we’ll focus on the color of its blossoms: pure white, pristine white, white-white. Read on . . .

 Bill and Joe were driving back from town last week. The moonless black night sky hovered over the freeway, preventing Bill from seeing the stalled semi-truck in the lane ahead. No flashing emergency lights, or lights of any kind, gave them warning. The car rammed into the huge truck at nearly 50 mph, much like hitting a brick wall.

For both men to walk away from this accident was nothing short of a miracle. Bill’s airbag functioned. Joe’s did not and unfortunately his seatbelt did little to neutralize the collision. Bill suffered a bruised ankle and shoulder. Joe suffered several damaged vertebrae as well as a broken clavicle and a few ribs.

The impact deployed the airbag feature – as well as their limbic systems. Bill and Joe’s fight or flight instincts charged into action. Shifting into survival mode ensured that they would pull through this crisis.

The limbic system is summarized in the wisdom of biofeedback pioneer Dr. Jeffrey Cram, as documented in The Essential Flower Essence Handbook: “We are ‘internally wired’ in such a way that if, for example, a saber-toothed tiger were to come charging toward us, the blood in our skin would be shunted away from the skin and into the muscles to make us stronger. If we tore our skin while fighting the tiger, we wouldn’t bleed as much due to this protective, or survival, response.”

Similarly, the car crash that caught Bill and Joe unawares parallels the sudden attack of a tiger. These are the circumstances that respond particularly well to the message of Pear Essence. It wordlessly says, “It’s okay. Everything’s going to be fine.” Even if a longer healing must ensue as for Joe, this flower essence “bathes us in a waterfall of peace.”

White happens to be the exact opposite of the color of the sky on the evening of Bill and Jo’s accident. The color of peace, as noted in the petals of the pear tree’s blossoms, is white. It is the absence of color. In fact it’s considered to be a shade rather than a color. It’s also an amalgam of all the colors of the spectrum. In this sense, while containing everything (all our conflicts and tensions), it appears to be the absence of everything (resolution and relaxation). What a metaphysical conundrum!

While apple blossoms are often shaded with a pinkish blush and blackberry blossoms can be ornamented with a pale lavender, the petals of the pear blossom are pure white. The color itself is visually pacifying. It symbolizes purity, serenity, and stillness. The blossom of the pear – growing in clusters much as friends might group together to support each other – symbolizes hope and friendship.

We could say energetically, that conflict sounds “loud.” It clashes; it’s discordant, disharmonious, warlike. Contrarily, Pear Essence embodies the absence of any conflict amidst the resolution of all strife. It is “the sound of silence.”

To summarize, Pear Essence can offer comfort in times of sudden and accelerated emergencies. It’s been said that the eyes are the windows of the soul. Likewise a hundredfold for flowers as the doorway into the soul of plants and trees.

When we gaze into the soul of flowers – their blossoms especially – we see through that window into their very essence.

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