I Remember Being a Tulip

This book awakens children’s love of nature through friendship with a very special tulip. Akin to Akiko Miyakoshi’s award-winning books, it’s the perfect bedtime story.

Lila’s fifth book has arrived – not about flower essences per se, but about nature’s majesty and how it reaches out to children’s fanciful imagination.

This fanciful tale is engagingly narrated by a wise old woman who remembers being a tulip. Lila drew the inspiration to write this book from a seasonal Northern California garden. There, she volunteers at the handicapped parking lot, helping visitors to manage their walkers, wheelchairs, and canes. They arrive to enjoy the glorious and colorful tulips. The flowers, in turn, give them energy and renew their spirits, thus making them whole again.

I Remember Being a Tulip answers the simple question in lyrical prose: How can we expand our hearts? By caring for others and sometimes by making them laugh. Living in harmony with nature helps—especially if your best friends are caterpillars who, in a downpour, are wise enough to use their umbrellas.

Please enjoy this thrilling book. Perhaps you, too, will remember being a tulip!



“Here is a wonderful book, to be read again and again. It shows—with joy, peace, love, and laughter—how nature touches us all. A book to treasure.”

– Joseph Bharat Cornell, Author of Flow Learning and founder of Sharing Nature Worldwide

“If you buy your child 3 books a year, I Remember Being a Tulip should be one of them.”

– Margie Bazan, Preschool Teacher

“A charming little story of a tulip. Can serve as a springboard to discussion with young about the journey of life.”

– Prisha Kirby, Co-director of Education for Life India, multilevel educator, and author

“A lovely tale. The touching memory of a humble flower who will brighten the lives of children as well as grown-ups. Beautiful.”

– Matthew Fredrickson, Elementary School Teacher

“I Remember Being a Tulip is a sweet and magical tale of the transformation of a tulip. A perfect addition to your young child’s read-aloud library!”

– Diane Atwell, Director of Ananda Living Wisdom School

“A delightfully sweet story to awaken the hearts of young and old alike! What a unique and creative way to share the beauty and wonder of our connection to nature, and to all of life, with children.”

– Erin Vinacco, Educator and Founding Director of Conscious Families