Flower Essences and Our Strange New World

“Love is but a song we sing
Fear’s the way we die
You can make the mountains ring
Or make the angels cry.”

– The Youngbloods, band of the 60s

             The Youngbloods folk-rock band

How Music Mirrors Current Events

The above lyrics from a folk rock song of 6 decades ago eerily seem to detail the tests of our current-day world. Those were the first offshoots of the hippie era when the values of the previous generation literally went to pot and when, as one blogger wrote, sex was invented by the Baby Boomers. Meanwhile today, words like lockdown, quarantine, and social distancing are now tossed around like a bittersweet candy. COVID-19 has created a new world. Some people are terrified of it, others are cavalier.

Recently I posted this quote on the Spirit-in-Nature Essences Facebook page: “I see a lot of people being like, ‘I would survive the corona virus. I’m taking my chances.’ The way I see it is like, ‘Yeah. I’d survive it. But I might carry it to someone who wouldn’t.’ And that, folks, is the problem.”

This attitude exhibits the need for

Peach Flower Essence for unselfishness, where we hold paramount the realities – and lives – of others around us. The positive qualities of this flower essence are: concern for the welfare of others; empathy; maturity; nurturance; consideration; compassion; and sensitivity to the needs of others.

The negative aspects that express the need for this flower essence are: selfishness; self-involvement; thoughtlessness; “looking out for Number One”; constrictiveness; exploitive nature; and an inability to relate to other’s realities.

How does Peach Essence apply to The Virus? The message of this flower essence is to teach us that, in caring for the needs of others as well as our own, we too are nurtured and energized. While many people are practicing social distancing, we’re also faced with the urgency of social awareness and the need to expand our sense of family beyond the nuclear family, or what is called “us 4 and no more.”

A New Way of Living in This New World

            In the days before social distancing

Frank M. Snowden, a professor emeritus at Yale of history and the history
of medicine, authored the newly published book, Epidemics and Society: From the Black Death to the Present. Professor Snowden commented in a recent interview, “We have to think that we have to work together as a human species to be organized to care for one another, to realize that the health of the most vulnerable people among us is a determining factor for the health of all of us, and, if we aren’t prepared to do that, we’ll never, ever be prepared to confront these devastating challenges to our humanity.”

As if the virus wasn’t bad enough, an earthquake a week ago engulfed Salt Lake City, as one of my clients last week mentioned. When Jeff felt the 5.7 earthquake, he thought, “This is beyond conspiracy and bad luck, there’s really a message here – to unite.” Next came a chemical leak of hydrochloric acid nearby in the copper mine. “They were considering the evacuation of the entire town of 100,000 people in the metro township of Magna.”

Our world is both collapsing and accelerating at the same time. COVID-19 seems to be flushing out both the best and the worst of human nature.

People with littleness may get littler; likewise for those who are big-spirited and humanitarian. On the bleaker side, some Chinese-Americans now fear for their safety, being wrongfully blamed for what the leadership calls “the China virus.” On the brighter side, some people have begun reaching out to help others, the young’uns, at safe social-distancing, delivering food and medications to the elders.

Apple Blossom Flower Essence for Your “Wellness Arsenal”

There’s yet another flower essence to add to the grouping of the 4 presented in the previous enewsletter to complete the set that includes Pear, Tomato, Strawberry, and Spinach Essences.

Apple Essence, for peaceful clarity was formerly described for promoting attitudes of healthfulness. The apple tree’s blushing pink blossoms grow in clusters of 5 as early as April, their subtle yet sweet scent drawing bees for pollination. The petal colors radiate freshness, and the apple tree itself, native to Europe, with its crooked branches and health-giving fruit, represents the twists and turns of our struggles to reach that place of true clarity.

The Apple Essence definition has since been expanded upon greatly in The Essential Flower Essence Handbook. In relation to COVID-19, Apple Essences touches on thoughts of worry and fear far beyond simple concern and taking practical precautions.

With new information about the coronavirus surfacing almost daily, for example, it’s now come to light that the ratio of asymptomatic cases to those who are very ill is hovering at 7 to 1. This dynamic begs for  a new social awareness – to “smile on your brother” with respect  to his potential vulnerability as well as our own.

The peaceful clarity of Apple Essence is based on information and intuitive perceptions that, once assimilated, helps us move forward with the power of the Apple Essence Affirmation:

With a crisp, clear attitude toward life I view my problems with ever fresh solution-consciousness.

In conclusion are these words from the Youngbloods’ song that serenaded  an earlier era of blossoming social consciousness:

Come on people now,
Smile on your brother,

Everybody get together
And love one another right now.

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