The Essential Flower Essence Handbook

With a rare richness of style, The Essential Flower Essence Handbook accomplishes what the author set out to do: to connect the reader with the subtle potency of Nature encapsulated in its blossoms. With a combination of humor, research, and an almost mystical grasp of the sattwic (elevating) properties of the flowers of fruit trees and vegetable plants that form Spirit-in-Nature Essences, The Handbook entices its readers to discover their own “perfect well-being.”

You’ll find this book to be user-friendly. The opening 9 chapters explain the need, and the rightful place, for flower essences in today’s world. The following 20 chapters—one per essence—comprised of 18 subtopics, reveal each flower essence from its own heart. The closing 8 chapters cover topics of varied subjects to leave no stone unturned, concluding with an extensive reference index of positive and negative states.

In these pages, Spirit-in-Nature Essences will speak to you through their own voice. Ms. Devi has indeed given us a treasure, no matter if you are a layman or a practitioner. Read this book and watch yourself be transformed for the better!

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Lila Devi in the garden, The essential flower essence handbook,

The essential Flower Essence Handbook,


“An excellent book.” – Swami Kriyananda

“If I was stranded on an island and could only have one book, it would be The Essential Flower Essence Handbook.” – D. Miller, Honolulu, HI

“I gave Orange Essence (for enthusiasm) to my daughter Sara. She is 19, and in a period of melancholy, apathy, and without energy. She left the university and spent her days between the sofa and the bed. With Orange, she has regained her interest in life and has slowly managed to create new interests and to spend her days more actively.” – Roberta, seminar student, Italy.

“I can’t tell you what a blessing that book is and how it’s changing my life. The only book I read is The Essential Flower Essence Handbook. I can’t even get into my Agatha Christie.” – Anna Holmes, Housewife

“Sometimes I just read the book and forget to take the essence. Your writing is beautiful, you really captured it.” – Loretta Appleby, retired nurse

“I continue to enjoy your wonderful book over the years as well as the essences. It’s just so full of information and literary references and psychological observations and kindness and sweetness. It’s just one of the best books I’ve ever read.” – Diane Miller, HI

.“Thanks again, awesome, and I am reading your handbook.  It’s on the nightstand!” – Mandy Perry, Spiritual Director, NJ

“I think The Handbook is very helpful and a great reference book for the flower essences. It is a very good description of how they work and how to use them and also what qualities each essence represents. I read this book often. I also like the recipes at the end of the book.” – Melanie Meid, FE practitioner and Home Study Course Student, Austria

“The Essential Flower Essence Handbook is beautiful! I especially liked chapter for Strawberry. I liked the part where Lila-san traveled to India and met a girl with Strawberry theme essence. It’s so beautiful and I read that part many times!” – Ayako Innue, HSC Student, Japa

“All my life, I’ve hated oranges, and then recently got a massive craving for them. I asked myself why, and then I read The Essential Flower Essence Handbook and thought, ‘I need to take that flower essence.’ Since I took the Orange Essence I haven’t been craving them, and even my complexion has slightly changed. I’m less pale, my coloring’s really good.” – Helen S., UK 

“It’s a holy and blessed book, fully complete in itself. It’s a must-have for everybody working with flower essences and a wonderful tool to refer and take active guidance from. I specifically love the chapter that explains the Essence Spectrum Chart and the flow of the essences from one to the other.” – Dipti Batia, HSC Student, India..

“There were times I couldn’t stop translating because it was so beautiful. It seems to be my best translation so far. It is an alive book, it brought me closer to Yogananda. This book is a beautiful. It’s more than a testimony to Yogananda, it brings his spirit in a truthful manner because it’s beyond words. He has a huge heart. It becomes easier to understand by looking at the fruit and flowers. You do find the spirit there and don’t get confused by ideologies pf east/west, this and that. This brings it closer to people. I feel it’s like a grace, this book raises issues within me.” – Olga, Romanian translator

“I must say your English is very beautiful, poetic, elegant but also light and flowing… you make the best out of it! I feel quite inspired while translating too. Thank you very much for all the great work you’ve done for this living masterpiece!!” – Cindi Tomas, translator

“Today I am catching up on emails and then I am going to sit in the sun and finish reading your book! Just wanted to share I am really enjoying the journey it is taking me on, learning a little more about my inner Pineapple.” – Lauren, Advanced flower essence practitioner

“About the Romanian edition of The Essential Flower Essence Handbook, I should be the one to say ‘Thank you!’ I was charmed by your style in writing. I am sure that every reader – future practitioner or not – will sense the warmth,  joy, dedication and  love you share.” – Dana R, secretary, Romania

“This book speaks to you as you read it. It gives you the information you need.” – Sandra Duncan, herbalist, Mill Creek

“I purchased your book about 3 weeks ago. It really spoke to me.  Right away, I thought Banana Essence for myself, though others appealed to me as well.  I seem to have many Banana positive expressions, but really am craving other positive Banana expressions, so I am a bit confused!  (I did just notice I used the word craving and bananas are my favorite food.)” – Michael, Portland, OR

.“It ‘s funny, just like last time, I ‘m amazed at how clear and powerful your book is and how the words, energetically, just really stay with me. Often it happens when re-read a chapter in your book when writing answers for the Home Study Course that I notice how I had written almost exactly the same thing you wrote in your book. It’s really fun to see that attunement with the essences, through your words, develop like that, it’s becoming much more smoothly and in a flow. Yay.” – Gauri Effmans, Home Study Course student, Belgium

.“Your book has been my bible for many years.” – Betsy Waneright, VA

“I hope all is well and joyous with you. I was reading The Essential Flower Essence Handbook, and after these many years it is still offering me wonderful inspiration.” – Vicki Marie A., Nature Photographer, Yuba City, CA

“I continue with fervor to read your book which is a gift for everyone’s soul! I admire your impeccable writing and your deep research on nature (plants and flowers) and on every aspect of human personalities. You describe everything in a sweet, clear and smooth way. In addition, your little stories concerning the visualization at the end of every flower’s chapter, is a source of enjoyment to the reader. I will continue to read your book at night before I sleep because this is the best time to have your beautiful words penetrate softly into my subconsciousness.” – Barbara, Athanassiadis, Greece, author

.“The first twelve pages are all I’ve read so far, and they are very cool.” – L. Julian, Sacramento, CA Massage Therapist-in-training

“I just wanted to add about the book: it’s just so special because not only is the information very complete and exquisitely explained, but the writing—the writing of the whole book is quite luminous. The literary references; it’s very charming, it’s gentle, it kind of sparkles. The writing is as beautiful as the essences, and that’s saying quite a lot.” – Doreen Hill, HI

“I’m very interested in your remedies. I’m reading your book and I think it’s very interesting, very helpful.” – Angelina Remo

“I’ve just been rereading your book again, The Essential Flower Essence Handbook. I just love that book so much. It’s just so well written and lively, and it’s a joy to read about the essences.” – Nalini Graeber, Radio Station Ananda Program Director

 “I read your book every night. I love it. I told my daughter, ‘You must read this book.'” – Irma Saavedra, Las Cruces

“To spend more time to determine your theme essence or pivotal or peripheral plot essence, buy the book. There’s a ton of information on this beyond what some of us will ever want to know!!! Really she has done deep psychological and emotional healing work with her essences on clients. She includes some case studies on Core Issue Approaches, Menopause, and Codependence and how to use the essences to heal these challenges. There is a wealth of information in this book.   I love her humor and wit, her sweetness and candor (frankness), and her sensitivity and the depth in her writing. She gives so much information, yet poetically speaks to the soul. It’s an enjoyable book to read. I highly respect her clarity on how to heal deep emotional issues with the spiritual goal of detachment in mind, as well as how to fully be expressive of yourself while living for God and in God. “ – Victoria Hansen, Home Study Course Student, Rancho Cordova, CA

“I got your book, it was interesting how it came about. I was looking for an aromatherapy book and got yours instead at a used book store, and I went, hmm, this is really cool! I felt to take a goodly many of them. It’s really awesome.” -Theresa Culvertson, Quality Assurance for computer software, Arcata, CA

 “When I’m having difficulty, I read The Essential Flower Essence Handbook. The stories you use, you explain it so well. This book is for anybody with an affinity to working with nature, it takes something so esoteric to explain it so well. You did a great job of translating the language of the flowers, explaining to people that this is how it works. The book makes it so accessible.”- Frances Fayden, founder of Conscious Contact Seminars, Nevada City, CA

“Lately I’ve been craving pineapple and have gone into teaching. I have to fight for respect, for control in my classes, for better salary. Then I started reading The Essential Flower Essence Handbook chapter on Pineapple, and yes, it’s all there. I want to thank you for your book, I just love it, it’s wonderful. I’ve loaned it out to friends.” – C. Wimberly, School Teacher, Florida

The Essential Flower Essence Handbook is so wonderful, and I am so grateful!” – Dorothy Wickham

“Turning every page of your book was so exciting!” – Mary Kaderbeck

“I love The Essential Flower Essence Handbook. I’ve had this book for several years and never really picked it up. Finally, I did. My son was born with a reflux problem. I felt he had my fear when I was pregnant. I found two essences to try. My fear was of the unknown, I had lost two babies before. The book and the essences helped us both.” – Margaret Wilson, mother

“I love your book.  You have a beautiful way of writing.” – Judith E. Sanders, Reiki and Massage Practitioner, Seminole, Florida

“Your book exudes warmth and compassion, especially the Apple Essence chapter. I think that the title sets a beautiful theme.” – Simone Heifer

“The book is just fascinating. I wanted to devour it in about 15 minutes. As I read it, I felt excitement rising.” – P. Stoddard

“I loved your book. Very readable. It helped me as a practitoner.” – Serena Smith, Flower Essence Practitioner

“I read a good portion of your book and thought it wonderful, well written, fun, factual and enlightening. I also through that I was an Avocado theme and I thought that it might be my plot essence too. Thank you again.” – Benjamin

“I have been reading your book and really enjoyed it. I only recently started working with your essences and find they work wonderfully.” – Sue Cross

“For years I have wished for something like your book – and now it is here.” – Hans Holzer

“The book’s great. I was drawn to Spirit-in-Nature Essences even before learning about Yogananda’s involvement. I was so excited to find your line involves him.” – Denise Finkler, Practitioner

“Your book is the bible of flower essences.” – East West Bookshop, Mt. View CA, Staff Member

“Once again, I really, really enjoyed your book. Very well written and informative. I felt a real simpatico. Your book is just superbly written. The clarity is unparalleled in flower essence literature. I like the fact that you worked within the perameters of Paramhansa Yogananda’s understanding of the plants. I appreciate your work because it’s very clean. I respect the quality of your book. I loved how you interspersed your love for music and literature. Your book is a gem. You work with personality themes. I can only pray for so many people, that this will help them.” – Joel Brieman, Centerport, NY

“I bought your book this week and I feel compelled to buy your remedies. I was really moved by your book, and I don’t know who else or what else to trust. I’ve been in a holding pattern for a long time. I felt a lot of love, kindness and gentleness in this book. I really felt that it was very thoughtfully and heartfully put together.” – Elizabeth Evans

“I haven’t quite finished your book yet, but it’s one of the best on flower essences that I’ve read yet. There are so many good points about it. It’s given me a lot of insight. I think I should get a consultation from you. I read your book and felt, this is really someone I could talk to. I’ve worked with kinesiology and learned a lot of essences. Right now I’m at a turning point. I want to have a lot of awareness with my next course of essences, because I need everything.” – Ann Walsh, Flower Essence Practitioner

“I love your writing style which makes it fun while you’re also right-on in tuning into people’s energy issues. I’m struck by the deep insightfulness into human nature. The book is a delight to read with its wisdom and its entertaining humor. A balance of wisdom and lightness which makes it fun.” – Sue Loper-Powers, RN, MN, Woman’s Health NP

“Thank you very much, I really enjoy the essences, and I’m really enjoying your book. I’m taking my time getting through it. It’s really a breath of fresh air.” – Robin Sacolick

“Your book is very complete, with lots of information, and easy to read. It’s wonderful. I love it!” – Sandy Powers, Metaphysical Book Store Proprietor

“I love the book, I love the pets chapter. It’s nice to have a book. One can give people reading material at classes.”-  Andreina, Pets Naturally Consultant

“I am so captivated by your book. It is my biggest distraction at work. I’m just absorbed by it. I can go through it a million times. Then I got to thinking, I’ve got a bunch of new projects that I’m dancing around. Tough to choose between them!” – Sandy Evans

“I certainly inhaled the book. What I find with yours, I have used others. They’re very clear. I am so excited about them. I have shared them with others with very good feedback.” – Midi, Astrologer/Consultant

“I love your book, by the way, I just finished reading it. It’s a wonderful addition to the flower essence world.” – Aanel Victoria

“I am really impressed with your book and your intelligence. I’ve read it 2 or 3 times. I’m impressed with the structure and would like to use some of your ideas in my upcoming astrology book.” – Kevin Parmentier, High School Logics Teacher

“Your work is very beautiful. I love your essences. They are so much for the heart. I feel like the quality is like the devas speaking through the music. They don’t speak, they sing their qualities through the melody. I love the book. It brings the reader to the essences. It is also like a melody in a way, like singing with the flowers.” – Sandra Epstein, Flower Essence Founder

“Your book is WONDERFUL. I am reading it and savoring it! It is fanciful, factual, and very inspiring.” – Diane Grove Miller

“There’s much in the book, and it will be fun to catch the deeper meanings or recognize them. Or even catch themes within themes.” – John Eldridge, client

 “I love the book. Its reference to literature and talk of the fairy tales. Children grow up on these, they’re very close to the achetypes. It’s magical to return to them. Your book is probably the beginning of a new trend. It’s what we need. It’s taking us into a preventative way of living.” – Hilary Shannon, Flower Essence Distributor/Practitioner

“Thank you for processing my telephone order of Spirit-in-Nature Essences so promptly. I began using them as soon as they arrived. I definitely feel energetic shifts within minutes of taking the essence. I also find The Essential Flower Essence Handbook very helpful and informative, an essential aid for anyone desiring greater understanding of the flower essences and the journey they support.” – Christine Petz, Essence Practitioner

“The book is beautiful, warm, sensitive and informative from my initial experience. A very personal quality.” – Bill Bault, Business executive

 “Are you the one who wrote the book? It’s wonderful! I just started getting into flower essences recently this past year. I bought several books, couldn’t afford them, could never find certain things in the books, like what to do with emotional problems. I just happened to be in a store the other day and picked up your book. I opened it up and there was the main thing I was looking for! What’s going on? The store didn’t carry your line. I told my friend, ‘You have to read this book.’ This book covers what the other books don’t. It’s just the thing I’ve been looking for.” – Suzanne, Chicago

“This book is delightful, informative well researched, and simplified in many ways. I appreciate the love, dedication, and devotion which you have put into the essences and the book.” – Gloria Kopac, Seminar Student 10/96

“I have to thank you again for the book. It’s just a miracle for me. Your subtitles, such as ‘Raspberry, the Healer’s Healer’: you write so much more than I have hoped. For me, it’s wonderful, it’s special. I don’t have the words for it. It’s guided. I just wanted you to know this. It’s a fantastic guide. Thank you so much.” – Ursula Koepp, Speech Therapist, Germany

“The book is so readable! I knew it would be. I wanted to share with you that it was so positive.” – Gail La Mar

“I keep your book on my coffee table. I love to pick it up and read just a little bit at a time. It’s a classic. It is the best flower essence book.” – Ann Muldoon, Astrologer

“I want to congratulate you on such a beautiful book. I wonder if you know what you have done with that book. I marvel when I think of the things you have put in there!” – Anne Norris

“I’m enjoying your book. Thanks for all the effort.” – Marjorie

“I just bought your book because you’re my friend. I decided, ‘Well, I’d open it up,’ and it was very interesting. A very good book, a fun book. I really liked it.” – Gloria Dunnigan

“I wanted to thank you for the note you sent me about your book. The next morning, a week or so after getting your note, I thought: I never have read the Strawberry chapter – it might be interesting. As I read, I was thrilled. Strawberry is the answer to what was upsetting me. I wanted to immediately start on Strawberry, and I will.

“Also, I just reread the Orange chapter and wanted to tell you this because you refer to sanctity at the end of that chapter. Many years ago, I took a couple months of Hindi lessons from an Indian visitor to our retreat. As I remember, the Hindi word for the fruit orange is pronounced Santra – taken from the word for saint, because (she said) oranges are the fruits traditionally given to saints. Because of their tough skins they aren’t prone to bruising, and so they make perfect offerings.

“I have really been enjoying the book. Your writing style (besides all the fascinating insights) is excellent – a blend of authoritative, understanding, loving and casual fun. Hope it’s a great success.” – Anna, Yoga Teacher

“I love your book! I can’t put it down!” – Arlene Meyer, New Mexico

“I started reading your book. It has a sort of simplicity and lyricism which is compelling. And it’s well written. I like those quotes you put at the front of each chapter.” – Dillard Thompson, Author

“I love these flowers because of Yogananda. I love your book. I applaud you and bow to you and thank you so much.” – Mona Martine, Flower Essence Practitioner

“I really like your book. I love reading it. I think the Spirit-in-Nature Essences are wonderful. I’m always taking them. I’m loyal to this line of flower essences because they work.” – Blanche Agassy

“The book is great. I haven’t read it straight through. There was one night when I was kind of churning on something. Even reading the book was uplifting, and the affirmations too.” – Barbara Dunwoody

“Congratulations! You did an excellent job on your book, and so did whoever printed it. Without exaggerating, I would say The Essential Flower Essence Handbook is the best self-publishing job I have ever seen.” – John Caswell, Dallas Texas, Published Author

“I’m so impressed. It’s so well written.” – Arthur Strong, Astrologer

“Your book came at an important turning point for me. It inspired me so much. I’m using the essences for emotional menopausal issues after reading it.” – Hilary Shannon

“Supremely well-written. You’re a fantastic writer. I read a lot while typesetting, I never do this. Such an awareness of human psychology. Could be a self-help book on its own, very perceptive. Beautifully put together, a lot of research. ‘You oughta write books?’” – Rob Froelick, Typesetter

“Marvelous introduction in your book. Yogananda has been one of my masters.” – Karen, The Herb Stop

“I was very pleased with the book. It’s very well organized and has a lot of information in it. It’s easy to assimilate. I thank you again for writing this book!” – Martha Spinks

“I think your book is wonderful. I haven’t read it cover to cover yet, but I plan to.” – Julie

“I read one of the latest books on flower essences with a beautiful cover and it left me cold. I began The Essential Flower Essence Handbook, and it opened my heart.” – Bonita Lee, Caduceus Journalist


“I love your book. What I like about it is that it’s fun. You’ve got it made! A world of opportunity there!” Mel Bly

“I think this book is astonishingly beautiful. High quality printing. You should be well-complimented. This book would stand alongside other books. It’s in the 1% of self-publishing quality.” – Ed Wang, Designer

“Thank you so very much for taking time to talk with me yesterday. I am truly in awe of the incredible work you have done writing your book and developing your work.” – Patty Hainer

“Your book is a good lesson in care. I find these terms, theme and plot, very useful. I can’t tell you – I really appreciate your terminology.” – D. Dennis

“Thank you for The Handbook. You’re able to translate this whole realm of energy and put words to it. As a practitioner, I’m always trying to help people understand these concepts; you have really captured them.” – F. Fayden, Therapist, California


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