At fourteen years of age, I was neither popular nor the teacher’s pet and was probably a little geeky even before the word geeky was invented. I received only average grades in my favorite subject, creative writing. All that changed—well, at least the grades part—when I won an award from The Detroit News for a metaphysical prose poem.

This was a pivotal moment in my life. I began to write prolifically.

Nature—with its ever-changing beauty of scenery, plants, and animals—remains my greatest source of inspiration. My writing covers diverse genres. It includes avid and private journaling that spans my early teens to the present, still prefaced with the warning, DO NOT READ UNDER PENALTY OF DEATH AND I’M NOT KIDDING.

I later wrote well-researched and fun-filled books as the founder of Spirit-in-Nature Essences (the oldest flower essence company, established 1977, outside England where essences first began). Plus I’ve written a series of 20 children’s books, essence-related and strongly influenced by my love of fairy tales in which silliness doesn’t require an apology; and a spiritual memoir about the passing of my father, interwoven with my own labyrinthine journey as a daughter-of-Israel-turned-yogi.

My sense is that books influence our state of consciousness. They have the potential to uplift their readers and to make them think more deeply about their own lives. I strive to write as a service to others, with every hope that they will be inspired by the words on the pages.

I graduated with honors from Ann Arbor’s University of Michigan with a Bachelor of Arts in English and psychology and a Secondary Education teaching certificate. Currently I write for several magazines, including Light of Consciousness (US), Essence (UK), and Spiegelbeeld (Holland).

I also enjoy acting, directing, playing guitar, singing, and writing songs, plays, poetry, having composed dozens of dulcimer tunes, guitar songs, and chants. My travels include Europe, Japan, Romania, Brazil, and India. Soon to be published are an advanced flower essence book and a collection of short stories. I now live at Ananda Village in the scenic Sierra Nevada foothills of Northern California and have long since stopped caring about being popular.


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