3 Flower Essences For Coping With Change: Avocado, Cherry, and Pear

We’re living in challenging times. Anxiety, loneliness, isolation, stress: which of these states are you facing?

Here’s a group of flower essences that can help you.

But first, a story from last week about how one woman tried to overcome all 4 attitudes by resuming her exercise-of-choice – swimming – that had fallen by the pandemic wayside.


To Swim or Not to Swim: That is The Question

The local health club remained in code-purple status, raising red flags for safety. The half-chlorinated/half-salt water indoor pool with its wall of windows overlooking tennis courts and landscaped greenery would have to remain a dream for future swims until conditions changed.

The water temperature at the Yuba River North Fork hovered at 40 degrees. I didn’t care. A wetsuit, I surmised, would surely make it swim-able. I didn’t care. I swam until I couldn’t feel my fingers and toes. For about 15 seconds. At that point, I began to care.

The longing to swim and to experience its fortifying benefits would have to be put on hold a little farther into the season until isolated outdoor swimming would become possible once again.

Still, it was worth a try.


Living in COVID-land

Nearly a year of pandemic fatigue has passed, offering us previously unexperienced challenges for inner growth. In various ways, people are learning to deal with their individualized burn-outs. Conflicted reports fill the media, adding confusion to the laundry load of issues that confront us on a daily basis.

With the world now in the early stages of relief from the vaccine – itself met with a mixed welcome – a more virulent strain of the virus is encroaching on our already taxed ability to cope. People of all ages are advised to withdraw from contact both physically and socially, being shuffled in directions that seem to rub against the grain of their humanity and human nature.

As social beings, we are being directed to separate, distance, and isolate from this shape-changing foe that continues to threaten  our loved ones’ lives as well as our own.

COVID has deprived us of some of the activities we most love – that make our day, and our heart, fare better. Things that were previously easy for us may have grown more difficult. Things that were difficult may now seem impossible. Activities to which we gave only minimal attention in the past now take great effort – food shopping, doctor appointments, and taking proper amounts of exercise.

The bottom line is,  we’re living in a near-constant state of fight-or-flight alert.


Calling on The Support of Flower Essence Friends

What to do? Raise your energy. Balance your energy. And strengthen your personal magnetism. This is exactly how flower essences, in their innate wisdom from Mother Nature, work with us. Consider this quote from The Essential Flower Essence Handbook:

“Our challenge being to change and uplift ourselves, where do we begin? What tools are at our disposal? As children, we go to the mother for comfort. As adults, we can still return to the bosom of the mother for nourishment and answers to our ills-our Mother Nature and the loving remedies that she proffers to us so abundantly through the plant kingdom.

“Flowers are conscious, intelligent forces. They have been given to us for our happiness and our healing. This unique form of herbalism called flower essences is a concentrated encapsulation of pure life force, readily at our disposal.”


Avocado, Cherry, and Pear Essences to Treat Yourself

I miss swimming. What activities are you missing? Avocado Essence, with the key words of good memory, is also for homesickness – a form of missing something, some place, or someone dear to us. The avocado tree produces  clusters of small white flowers that grow in cycles. It experiences a growth period and then a time of rest. Perhaps this cycle offers us an example of how to live: to take rest in the absence of those we love for a time, knowing that the future surely holds a welcome reunion.

Cherry Essence, for cheerfulness, is prepared from the blossoms of the sweet cherry tree, though the sour, ortart, tree varieties also yield fruit. The sweet-fruited trees require much space around them for optimal growth. You might say they do best when distanced from other trees, thus exemplifying an impersonal and even-minded perspective, just as we may find ourselves breathing deeper when we give ourselves space from our troubles.

Pear Essence, for peacefulness and emergency support, is our quint- essential flower essence. It’s all about being okay with whatever happens – in addition to  whatever doesn’t.

Pear offers the consciousness of a deep contentment that is not dependent on any outer circumstances, even during a global pandemic. You may find yourself surprised by how often you’ll want to take this flower essence – and give it to others!


5 “Essence Enhancers” to Build Your Magnetism

Explore these 5 points as you take Avocado, Cherry, and Pear Essences – singly, for best results according to our research. Try each flower essence for 1 week, sequentially, for starters.

  1. Wrap your full energy around a new/old creative project. Give yourself permission to “get lost” in it. Take care of yourself – with permission, you might say, from your Self!
  2. Whatever you feel is missing from your life, give that “something” to others. Feeling lonely? Call a friend, maybe a distant one. Feeling bored? Do something new that you’ve never done before. Feeling grumpy? Watch or read a good comedy.
  3. Be vigilant and aware of your thoughts. Keep them positive, even grateful. Don’t slump – either in your posture or your attitudes!
  4. Spend time in nature – and all the better if that time is spent in exercise! Research shows that not exercising is the equivalent of smoking a pack of cigarettes a day. Don’t merely jog in nature: commune with it.
  5. Repeat the accompanying flower essence affirmation every time you take your dosage. For Avocado: “I accept willingly all that comes to me, for all things are divine gifts of love! For Cherry: “I swim gaily on the sea of life, joyfully breasting the dancing waves of bliss!” For Pear: “Smilingly I greet life’s difficulties, seeing all of them as gay flowers in a meadow that nod with encouragement and opportunity.”

Lastly, give yourself permission to have fun. Shake up your routine and indulge your healthy whims. Do something kooky (and safe). Take very good care of yourself. Be creative. Be grateful.

Remember your purpose. Remember your own essence that makes you unique and special.

Most of all, remember your joy!

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