Affirmations, Anyone?

Recently one of our Home Study Course students who had just completed her Level I Certification wrote in with this concern.

“I do have one question, please?  When giving out these dosage bottles to various friends and family is it best that they say the affirmation when taking their flower essences?  I have a friend who is a complete perfectionist. I feel the affirmations may get her caught up in trying to do it right or something?  I’d wondered if she might do better to focus more on the inner shifts that were happening rather than the affirmations, but I may be incorrect with this thinking.  Your advice would be welcome.

“With appreciation, Sara”

My response:

In general, it’s a good idea to use the affirmations, or at least to suggest them and then people can choose to say them, or not. I feel it’s at least important to make this point, even for our more perfectionistic clients. This person may need to run the affirmations through her perfectionistic attitudes according to her own way of being, her own personality, and her own life choices. Affirmations can be very powerful when done consistently and correctly in conjunction with a flower essence regime.

Here is a concise explanation of affirmations from The Essential Flower Essence Handbook:

“The scientific term for affirmations is autogenic training. The best times to practice them are upon falling asleep or awakening. These specific times are known as hypnogogic states. Thus, immediately before sleep and upon arising – including nap time—are the most beneficial times to repeat affirmations – and to take flower remedies. These are the periods when we can most easily penetrate the realm of superconsciousness, also called the Higher Self, that place within us where true inspiration and intuition reside. Or, we might say that these are the times when the door to the subconscious mind stands ajar and the essences are able to penetrate more deeply than during regular waking hours.”

Interestingly, both animals as well as children don’t really need them! Nor could animals say them, of course – the point being that our human minds and brains are more complicated and complex. Affirmations are very strong and supportive tools that complement the usage of flower essences.

Personally, I’ve not seen them complicate matters or detract from our inner work and growth, but rather the opposite. Some clients may choose not to use them – but at least they’ve been given that option!

Another point is, yes, there’s the possibility for this woman that adding affirmations to the mix might veer her off course. But to not suggest them to her removes that opportunity. The chance that they might provide her with significant help is very strong.

So let’s see what happens! Please keep me posted.

Take care, and thank you for writing.

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