Flower Essences For Sorrowful Times

Valerie wrote to us:

“I recently used the Flower Essences to assist me with a deep sorrow I was feeling at the loss of my dear cat and companion Princess. After her passing, she has been coming to visit me at night, and I have felt her on the bed at my feet or near my legs. That seemed to bring me some comfort, as I could sense she was with me.

“But one night, she rested right beside me, just like when she was here in 3 dimensions. It was so real to me that, in a semi-awake state with my eyes still closed, I felt her beside me. I did what I always did when she joined me in the middle of the night – I reached out to give her a cuddle.

“When I did so, my hand only felt the bed covers. It jolted me. After that experience, the sadness was not constant. But whenever it returned, it was big.

“I decided to use the flowers to help me. I chose Cherry Essence. And Princess did return. It was so subtle, the way I began to realize that my observations became more about all that is around me and how fortunate I am.”

Cherry Essence reminds us of our inner happiness, coupled with a sense of even-mindedness – the kind of good cheer that originates within us and is merely reflected in the outer objects and relationships in our lives.

Valerie continues, sharing an experience that greatly impacted her:

“Slowly I began to notice that my days and nights were filled with greater levels of gratitude and appreciation. I haven’t exactly broken out laughing but I feel better, even though I still feel and miss Princess’s presence. Also I notice the things that are not as they were. I feel Princess is trying to assist me in figuring out how to be with her outside this dimension – but I am not there quite yet.”

Thank you for sharing, Valerie, and keep up the good work.

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