Inspirational Quotes from The Essential Flower Essence Handbook

Paramhansa Yogananda about Luther Burbank: “Behold a man in whom there is no guile! . . . The modesty with which he wore his scientific fame repeatedly reminded me of the trees that bend low with the burden of ripening fruits.”

“As children, we go to the mother for comfort. As adults, we can still return to the bosom of the mother for nourishment and answers to our ills—our Mother Nature and the loving remedies that she proffers to us so abundantly through the plant kingdom.”

“Flowers are conscious, intelligent forces. They have been given to us for our happiness and our healing.”

“We can hasten our own evolution by through employing the tools offered to us by a conscious, caring Mother Nature—flowers and their essences.”

“Flower essences allow us to see into the soul of things—into ourselves, our world, and all living beings.”

“Flower essences are a response to the call of an ever-awakening humanity to minister to its spiritual needs.”

“Mother Nature’s pharmacy has long been accessible to those who have pried open her botanical medicine chest. And to those who wish to learn her language—the language of flowers—she bestows her most wonderful secrets of perfect well-being.”

“In keeping with herbalism’s ancient tradition of communing with the plant kingdom, flower essences have evolved as a natural expression of healing—in the simplest ways, through the simplest means.”

“(The) principle of magnetism is strongly operative in flower essences that vibrationally align us with the positive qualities that we seek to uncover within ourselves.”

“How, then, do flower essences work? Very well indeed.”

“With the assistance of flower essences to vibrationally remind us of who we already are, we can break the false hypnotism of our human frailty.”

“Through the high vibratory rate of the blossoms from which they are prepared, flower essences interact with our willingness and our commitment to change ourselves.”

“The essences activate our life force, the true source of healing. They work as catalysts, or pump-primers.”

“Since happiness is our natural state, our desire to return to it, likewise, is only natural.”

“Flower essences, as living vibrations, both possess and project magnetism.”

“The essences work much like being in the presence of someone who inspires and uplift us. In taking the essences, we place ourselves in their ‘presence.’”

“In the journey we undertake with flower essences, we are lifted up to their higher rate of vibration.”

“A flower remedy may be likened to a tuning fork. By attuning ourselves to it, we become in tune with the song of our unique perfection.”

“It is to our credit—and our healing—to remain nonidentified with our flaws, and to view them dispassionately.”

“Implicit in our desire to be restored to wholeness is the remedy itself. True seeking leads to sought-after answers.”

“In truth, we are powerless over others except to the extent that we project a positive magnetism, inspiring them by our example.”

“Considerable self-honesty is necessary in order to realize that the flaws we see in others may be exactly the ones that we ourselves possess.”

“Flower essences do not remove our tests; they help to clarify them.”

“To simplify, all flower essences do the same thing, for every living thing—they restore us to a state of balance in which our internal, intelligent life force is activated. Life force is the real healer; the energy of the flower essences merely primes it. The uplifting qualities in flower essences are our truest nature; our task is to access those qualities.”

“Flower essences will not change us into anything but our true selves.”

“Flower essences. . .vibrationally remind us of our own perfection.”

“Hope is the underlying message of every flower that ever graced the earth.”

“It is through these frictions in our lives that we sculpt the masterpiece of our spiritual growth.”

“In every moment of our lives, we have the same choice—to move toward the light or away from it. At times, we may simply choose to resist our own growth; the essences won’t override your decision.”

“Our thoughts both express and mold who we are. Since they have such a powerful effect on our physical bodies, it is paramount to be aware of their content and quality.”

“Words have power. They can hurt and they can heal.”

“Affirmations are words that we speak to ourselves in an affirmation state of knowing on a deep level that they ring of truth, even if unconfirmed by outer circumstances.”

“Affirmation is not denial. It is, rather, an unwavering declaration of a higher truth—that we are in possession of vast resources of inner vitality, even though our body at that moment may be expressing (for example) fatigue.”

“As with any activity, the more you put into it, the more you will get out of it. Affirmations recycle back to us as much power as we give to them.”

“Our history is not our destiny. We can reinvent ourselves. Let’s remember the power we do have: the power to take charge of our lives, to be loving and whole. Beneath the superficial mud of dysfunction lies the perfect diamond of our true nature. The supportive message of flower essences is simple: we can heal.”

“When we view our lives impersonally, we see only images of light and dark. Our joys and pains are like shadows on a movie screen. Flower essences help us to turn obstacles into opportunities and to become vibrantly whole in the process.”

“When we as adults in the role of caregivers are aware of our children’s realities—their needs, their joys, and their pains—then we can effectively minister to them through nature’s delicate gift of flower essences.”

“Flower essences are at our disposal, ultimately, to remind us of our innate perfection. In gentle, non-invasive ways, they tell us that we already are our highest potential. We need only to realize this truth.”

“When we in the role of caregivers are aware of our children’s realities—their needs, they joys, and their pains—then we can effectively minister to them through Nature’s delicate gift of flower essences.”

“Pets—domesticated animals who are our companions—open our hearts and expand our consciousness. Much like one direct experience with a flower essence can open the entire essence world for us, so too a deep connection with even one animal allows us to access the spirit of their kingdom.”


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