Inspirational Quotes from Flower Essences for Animals

“Anything will give up its secrets if you love it enough.” – Dr. George Washington Carver

“Our job in caring for our animal friends may be great, but our rewards are indeed many.”

“And through their (our pets’) dearness and innocence, is it not they who own us?”

“Flower Essences for Animals is offered to help us, as custodians of our animal friends, to provide them with the most sensitive and effective care possible through the practical application of flower essences.”

“Flower essences, a truly holistic form of natural pet care, affect energy and heighten awareness.”

“A universal and innate drive exists in all living beings to increase their awareness. All life forms express this desire.”

“Animals and saints—on either side of the free-choice maelstrom, in terms of evolution of consciousness—share one trait, especially, in common. They love us unconditionally. And for this reason, we can’t help but love them in return.”

“Easy to use and quick-acting, these essences help restore people, animals, and even other plants to their natural state of balance.”

“Basically, flower essences reestablish an animal’s link with his own natural ability to heal himself. In returning him to a state of equilibrium, flower essences simply allow him to do what comes naturally: to be well again.”

“As we know, we ourselves are far more likely to be well when we live relatively stress-free, harmonious, and loving lives.”

“Animals actively participate in our lives. They make wonderful companions, seeing us through our most joyful and difficult life experiences. They share our homes day after day. They befriend us through illness and surgery; they comfort us through loss of family and friends. They weather our moves, our moods, our gains and losses alike. Our pets never criticize or judge; nor do they blame or belittle. And through it all, they transform us.”

“A vast range of your pet’s symptoms and behaviors are easily addressed through the wise use of flower essences.”

“Flower essences can be used to help an unwell animal return to health or to assist a happy, well-adjusted animal in feeling even better.”

“We don’t find skepticism among the animals—only in their human caretakers.”

“Just as traditional herbal remedies biochemically strengthen our natural defenses and sharpen our body-functioning performance, so flower essences fine-tune us mentally and emotionally, allowing us to experience a higher standard of health and well-being on all levels. When the psychological nature is balanced, the body can relax and, many times, heal itself.”

“Animals are not skeptical. The multifarious mental blocks that we erect to negate the ways that flower essences work simply do not exist for our pets.”

“Our animals talk to us all the time. Many of us speak to them. All that remains is that we silently listen and sensitively hear them.”

“One of the more natural herbal supplements available, flower essences balance our pets’ lives and our relationships with them as well.”

“Animals think in pictures and possess a wealth of emotions, feelings, and intuitive awareness. These are the building blocks of their language.”

“Let him (your pet) know that he is validated, respected, and held in high esteem. In return, your animal friend will reward you with an untold depth of love.”

“For all their reputed inaccessible aloofness as humorously extolled above, cats are a veritable neon display of their innermost selves. From head to tail tip, their body language signals the depth of their thoughts and feelings.”

“Horses are a highly sensitive and intelligent species. Many horse owners, in fact, say they feel that their animals can read their minds and respond to their cues before any words are spoken.”

“Rabbits respond beautifully to flower essences. Their gentle nature suggests a receptivity to the more sensitive methods of treatment.”

“Animals, instinctively intuitive, have no trouble reading us.”

“Animals both read and respond to inner consciousness, not outward appearance.”

“Those who have mastered the quality of ahimsa—a Sanskrit word meaning harmlessness, and also the philosophy popularized by Mahatma Gandhi—find that even ferocious, untamed animals become gentle in their presence. How transparently readable we are to them!”

“All anthropomorphism aside, animals who spend time in the company of humans actually do begin to imitate their behaviors—to take on likes and dislikes, to express preferences.”

“Human company hastens the evolution of animals. In fact, we may distinguish domesticated animals from those in the wild on this one point alone: pets develop relationships with people, whereas wild animals, in general, do not. Out of this connection is born the dearest possible bond: friendship.”

“With loving sensitivity, we can help our pets to deepen their natural intuition and sharpen their attention, which in turn supports their physical health.”

“Among the more refined tools at our disposal for this purpose are flower essences. Love, too, can transport us into their world.”

“As one veterinarian commented when praised about her own pet, ‘He’s not my dog; I’m his human.'”

“Animals are easy members of the household or farm. You won’t have to save for their college education, and they won’t criticize your cooking.”

“Their (our pets) regard for us, as our own experience confirms, is exemplary; their healing effect on our behavior is practically miraculous.”

“Animals can link us back to nature. In so doing, they help us reconnect with ourselves. The gifts that animals offer to this world are indeed far-reaching.”

“Our relationship with animals . . . gives us the opportunity to claim our highest potential as human beings.”

“Anyone who has ever cared for pets—whether they be scaled, furred, feathered, or fleeced—knows from direct experience the joy and fulfillment they usher into our lives.”

“Our animal friends, from mongrels to prize-winning purebreds, touch our hearts. We laugh at their mannerisms; we cry at their passing. Their accomplishments make us proud; their illnesses cause us pain. Our animal companions wait for us by the window, the gate, the barn door. They are there for us through thick and thin, through our rockiest ups and downs.”

“Without attending a single self-help workshop, animals possess extraordinary relationship skills—they love without condition.”

“Their (our pets) enrichment of our lives is immeasurable; may we honor them a thousandfold in return.”


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