Are You Bigger than Your Tests – or Vice Versa

To simplify, there is basically only one solution for sorrow, grief, sadness, or in fact any test where you find yourself stuck and unable to move forward. That is, to raise your energy.

This may sound like a cold statement, though it’s not intended that way. In my office hangs an illustration of a cat looking at himself in a mirror. The reflection staring back at him is a lion – majestic, kingly, towering. The caption reads, “What matters most is how you see yourself.”

We could look at the topic of overcoming our tests from a metaphysical standpoint, in terms of the chakras. To raise our energy means to gather it in the 4th/heart chakra, about loving without condition. Here, we would find our own healing through acts or thoughts of compassion toward others.

In the 5th/throat chakra – for calmness, expansion, and clear communication – we can experience a sense of energetic stillness to address our problems.

At the 6th/forehead chakra, the seat of wisdom and joy, we would find those difficulties resolved through attaining a higher state of consciousness. Raising our energy above the first 3 chakras (a topic we’ll save for a future post) is the first step toward overcoming our trials.

In The Essential Flower Essence Handbook, I explain one of the 20 Spirit-in-Nature Essences in a 10-page chapter – Coconut – as this is the exact subject it vibrationally addresses: how to achieve uplifted spiritual awareness:

“About twenty years are required for the coconut palm tree to reach a state of full bearing – a perfect symbol for Coconut essence’s quality of perseverance. “Patience, endurance attaineth to all,’ promised the Spanish saint Teresa of Avila. Coconut, then, helps us to commit to resolutions and solutions-and to believe that they are here to be found.”

One client whom we’ll call Caroline experienced the benefits of this flower essence. It helped her to overcome a lengthy and difficult health challenge. A couple of years ago on a dark winter night, she’d missed a step and fallen flat on the grass. She found herself unable to move without severe pain in her upper torso. The fall happened several apartments’ distance from her own place. Apparently, no one was at home to come to her aid. Finally the ambulance arrived and she was treated for a broken shoulder. Little did she know at that time that the cure would prove to be much worse than the accident itself.

Caroline writes:

“I was intimidated by needing to have 2 physical therapy treatments weekly. My spirit was freaked out. I had the courage. I faced having to go. But I wanted to change inside how it felt.

“I took Coconut Essence. I was also working with other supplements, and had for a while. Starting the flower essence helped me to feel that I was no longer ‘in it.’ By this I mean that I was changed. I was not cowed by it. It was a big shift. I was laughing. My therapist Stephen asked me, ‘How can you laugh?’

“It’s powerful, this flower essence. It was like they said about my shoulder, ‘We will torture you twice a week indefinitely. Are you okay with that?’

Coconut Essence changed the color and the timber of my experience. It’s my best friend.”

Likewise, an attitude of uplifted spiritual awareness can be your best friend too. The next time you feel stuck or smaller than your tests, try looking in the mirror to see that lion.

Maybe it’s your time to roar.

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